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Just got back from visiting our new local game store on Miniatures Night. Played a game against my son. I was NW, trying out some stuff I had not yet had a chance to.

I decided to play “defensive”, and took Donal as Commander for the first time. I decided to slap him on some Vets, figuring it’ll give their already impressive stats a boost. I managed to get Shield of the Realms of Men early, and got it attached...much to my son’s chagrin...

This unit held off a unit of Flayed Men, while The Mountain That Rides was also on their flank. They held them there for nearly the entire game! At some point the Flayed Men died, and were replaced by Halberdiers (closet unit he had to fill the gap), and the Vets chewed through them too!

Hitting on 2+ made them a real threat to the high defensive units, because odds were the defender was bound to miss something.

Counterattack, with the Shield Vow AND 6’s = 2 saves dealt back ALOT of damage!

In the last round, they finally fell to The Mountain. I’d get him down to 1 wound left, then he’d steal the purse from me and heal him back up.

TL/DR: My son hates me, and Counterattack...