Neutrals and Baratheons thought?
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Thread: Neutrals and Baratheons thought?

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    Default Neutrals and Baratheons thought?

    Just wondering on any combos people have found with Baratheons using neutral units. Flayed men are pretty good too very complimentary to the Baratheon card deck.
    I was playing around with some lists and the bolton bastard girls could work rather well with stannis in the unit very glassy but with the cards could be very strong. Thoughts?

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    I'd say that Bolton cutthroats are perhaps the best match for Stannis. I know Michael Shinall talked about the Blackguards, but honestly the Baratheons have a better unit in the Wardens. For 5 points, they are hard hitting but vaporize once they meet resistance, which plays hand in hand with Stannis's "when a friendly unit is destroyed" game.

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    Just finished a 3way 40 point free for all game, I played Renley in a unit of Sentinels, a unit of Stag nights and 2 units of Bolton Flayed men.. It was a really good combo, the game was very close but the Baratheon/Bolton combo won it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakwolf View Post
    I'd say that Bolton cutthroats are perhaps the best match for Stannis...they are hard hitting but vaporize once they meet resistance, which plays hand in hand with Stannis's "when a friendly unit is destroyed" game.
    I was thinking this as well. Seems to be a nice cheap unit that hits pretty hard, but also can die pretty easy, which is fine in a Stannis army.

    Also, the release of the new Stormcrow units got me thinking that they could supplement Baratheons quite well. The Stormcrow swordsmen are a little faster than wardens, and can hit a little harder with a Lieutenant, but might stick around a little better than the more aggressive Cutthroats. However, as you pointed out, "vaporizing" early may not actually be an issue...

    The Stormcrow archers may be even better with the Lieutenant from the other box though, as it lets them fire eight Sundering dice from 12" away. Any benefits for either unit require the Coin bag (unlike the Cutthroats), but with a 3 NCU list, this should be doable a fair amount of the time. I can see a nice combo where you use Shyra to grab the coin bag, allowing you to then place a free Vulnerable token on an enemy unit before shooting at it for free with the aforementioned 8 dice thanks to their "motivated by coin" ability. The only downside here, is that a ranged unit doesn't gain many benefits from the Baratheon deck. Or maybe this could be seen as a good thing because you'll have fewer units competing with each other for all of those "when a friendly engaged unit..." cards?

    All that said, here's a list I've been looking to build at some point:

    Wardens with Stannis
    Wardens with Master Warden
    Wardens with Master Warden
    Stormcrow Archers with Lieutenant
    Bolton Cutthroats


    Pros: It's a healthy 8 activations, the archers provide some much needed ranged support without competing with another unit for Coin Bag effects, and those particular NCU's add some welcome control abilities.
    Cons/Concerns: The list lacks hitting power outside of card effects, and two out of the 5 combat units are pretty fragile.
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    I don't yet have access to a Baratheon starter, but there's a particular list I've been meaning to try out -- it has Roose Bolton commanding, and involves some heavy hitting, mobility, survivability, and (most importantly) token manipulation. Not sure if posting here means someone will steal the idea for Adepticon, but here goes...

    Baratheon, 40pt


    Wardens w/ MW
    Wardens w/ MW
    Sentinels w/ DFC
    Flayed Men
    Flayed Men

    At 7 activations, it's fairly typical, and the Baratheon "hit me, I get angry" mechanic, I want to see how Panic generation can keep the attrition game going.

    Conceivably, you could drop a Cav, & the DFC, replace w/ Cutthroats & Walder...
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    My current bad idea for a list is a Vargo/Warden spam list, with Flayed Men present to serve as an arm of decision. It’s probably awful, but I’ve been trying to find some ways to get Vargo on the table (other than serving him on a plate).

    COMMANDER - Vargo Hoat
    Wardens w/ Vargo
    Wardens (No Attachment)
    Wardens (No Attachment)
    Flayed Men (No Attachment)
    Flayed Men (No Attachment)

    Shyra Errol (NCU)
    Alester Florent (NCU)

    Depending on what Champions of the Stag turn out to be, they could easily replace the Flayed Men. If they’re 8 points instead of 9 then the saved points would probably go towards some Master Wardens for the other two Warden units. That would also give me more Neutral points allowance to play with so that Alester could be possibly be replaced with the likes of Baelish, Varys, or Nestoris.

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