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    I want to show you our new Dwarf Rifleman Miniature. He was sculpted by Dmitriy Kononenko for Honourguard Miniatures. Inspired by the Worlds of Warcraft and the Art of Paul Bonner. Mixed with many own concept ideas. We tried to capture the massive dwarf anatomy with a still dynamic and interesting pose. This was a very interesting journey and I'm happy how it turned out after a long time of working on it. What do you think?

    As info the colorized pictures are right from the 3D sculpting program and the grey pictures are photos of the 3D-print by White Dragon Miniatures.

    This model is now available as Preorder in 54mm and 75mm scale with a discount of 20%.
    If someone wants to reserve a copy or want more info write me at: honourguard@yahoo.com

    Thanks for every feedback, comment or vote

    Best regards
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