OP Combination for those who want to use it
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Thread: OP Combination for those who want to use it

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    Default OP Combination for those who want to use it

    *This requires Donal Noye as Commander and Jon Snow attachment on Sworn Brothers*

    Jon Snow "Lord Snow" on full rank Sworn Brothers, The sword in the darkness, Donal Noye Commander Card "Hold The Line", Watcher on the wall. As long as you have an NCU on both horse and swords, (you could place NCU on swords to do this to make it easier) and they begin the turn engaged, they retreat 1 inch, and then charge with: 14 dice, hitting on a 2 plus, with 6's dealing 2 hits, with rerolls, sundering, plus defenders are vulnerable due to swords. It is OP as FFFFFF. I'm so glad I found it so I thought I'd share :)

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    OP is an odd term to use here.

    It takes a lot of setup and resources... And is very potent. If just call that a good play.

    One of the first times I pulled it off... Instead of charging the unit I retreated from, I retreated to the side, and made it into the rear arc of full Flayed Men.

    Pre-1.5. So only 13 dice and 2+ Flayed Men. Deleted.

    Oh... Btw. "Hold the Line" only works on the combat unit's activation. So you can't use it on the turn that you activate an NCU.

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    oh just realised what i wrote, what i did was i placed the ncu on the swords first, gave that unit a free attack, then activated the next turn, when i say easier i just mean an easier wipe out
    also i use bowen on the message a lot so for me its common to have those cards in hand aha but yeah i get where youre coming from.
    thanks for the advice

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