Dothraki Vereran and Outrider KO with the same art?
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Thread: Dothraki Vereran and Outrider KO with the same art?

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    Default Dothraki Vereran and Outrider KO with the same art?

    The whole starter set is really well produced and looks amazing on the table, with the exception of this odd little thing: they both have the same artwork? I don't think there's a precedent for it yet, where an attachment is the same artwork as a different unit.

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    They share models too.

    I have no idea how you're supposed to use vets with a KO without some external aid

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    I think they didn't want to add another 3-4 cavalry models to the box for the same price/have to increase the price considerably over the other starter boxes. It's unfortunate, but honestly I just say the attachment is in the unit without adding the model. It looks like CMON doesn't quite know how to handle cav attachments at all haha.

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    After further inspection, It seems that the 4 Veterans models are potential attachments, split between Screamer and Outrider KO. This means that putting an attachment (such as your commander) in the Veteran unit frees 1 of them to be used as KO. With 2 starters, i have an extra unit of veterans so i can technically not worry about this at all.

    It's pretty clever, in a subtle way.

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    It is great to finally have the game materials alongside the rules. Previously I read the rules PDF but did not have components for reference. It is mostly straight forward and threads like this help to clear up any lingering confusion.

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