Jeor Mormont "Night Gathers" Card Clarification.
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Thread: Jeor Mormont "Night Gathers" Card Clarification.

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    Default Jeor Mormont "Night Gathers" Card Clarification.

    Most abilities or tactic card that let you search a card from tactic deck says shuffle after, but specifically Jeor doesnt state shuffle after, same way it doesnt say "dont shuffle".

    I know its a bit of common sense but still there's some people who are too literal, and a bit of clarification on wether or not you have to shuffle would help.
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    First, one can’t be “too literal.” It’s a binary state: you either are or aren’t.

    But to your point, if there are no other examples of cards that search through the deck and either do not have instructions to shuffle or instruct you not to shuffle, then the card is likely written that way intentionally.

    As is, I’d be inclined to say that unless it is FAQ’d, it should be played as written: you do not shuffle your deck afterwards.
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    As baelish says, it doesn't say to shuffle your deck, and there are many similar effects that do (and ones that were printed before nights watch released, like Sansa).

    I disagree with his inclination however. Personally I think this was an oversight as the ramifications are a bit messy (can they look through their whole deck while doing so, can they take notes so they know exactly whats coming etc). However if my opponent wanted to play exactly as written, I certainly wouldn't hold it against them, in a tournament I'd call the TO/judge over and get them to rule on it, and I'd be fine either way

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    I’ve not seen the issue come up during play, to be honest, so either NW players are already assuming they need to shuffle, or are settling the matter with their opponents.

    I tend to lean toward literal readings of the text, because once you start trying to interpret the designers’ intentions—well, that way lies madness. Next thing you know, we’ll have two popes.
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    Excellent! Settled.

    And my next army list is going to be called “Bonkers Powerful.”
    "I did warn you not to trust me." -Littlefinger

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