Hello sundry and all commanders! We are a local group, currently open to all, of ASoIaF players in the central Virginia area, U.S. Based primarily out of Battlegrounds, an FLGS in Midlothian, VA (just outside Richmond), we are a small, dedicated, and growing group of players within the larger excellent community that exists at Battlegrounds and across Richmond.

We are currently doing one (1) "OP" paid event a month, have a dedicated day for free play (Fridays, at present), and have a tournament planned for June 13th. Further details will be made available for this, and all our events -- from story mode to competitive tourneys -- on both The RVAlands and Battlegrounds Facebook pages, and their website, www.battlegroundsrva.com, as well.

We look forward to meeting potential new members, or anyone jut passing through! Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads area, NoVA (northern VA, DMV area) Charlottesville, Raleigh are all rather close by.