Twenty Years of miniature painting... then and now!
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Thread: Twenty Years of miniature painting... then and now!

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    Default Twenty Years of miniature painting... then and now!

    This was a very special video that I made to show how much my painting (and the industry) has changed over the 20 years that I have been working on miniatures!

    Here's a link to the video:

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    I can see the changes and the passion with your work, each sculptures looks different and beautiful at the same time.

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    Thanks so much! When I think of how long it took to paint way back in the day, it is crazy! :-) We didn't even know what miniature paint was... we just used liquitex artist acrylics out of the tube... yikes! :-)

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    I remember when Polly S came out. Before that time, we had to deal with Testors enamels. Polly S may be gone (I still think it was the best acrylic out there), but there's a whole lot more out there. It took us so long to go from oil based to water based paints. And the weird thing is that, now that we have all these acrylics, oil based paints are starting to make a comeback.

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    Yes indeed! I have been using oils quite a lot over the last 4 years, and I love them :-)

    If I had my choice, I would only use oils and set acrylics aside altogether!!

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    I ‘started’ on Miniatures back when I was about 14/15 so that’s 50 years ago. (Fudge!)
    Historex French Napoleonic's were my thing, delighted to find that they are still in business and trading at Scale Model Challenge.
    Gave me a chance to exercise some very rusty Schoolboy French.
    Picked up again 30+ years ago and still loving this crazy eccentric hobby, and still learning new ways of slapping paint onto “Little Men.”

    Peindre des miniatures, un monde sans frontières.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
    Oh look my IQ results came in:-
    , and proud of it.

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    I did the 2D art thing for 20+ years before painting minis... folks ask me if I miss it, but the answer is usually not at all. There are so many new miniatures, so many new basing products coming out every day, the level of innovation is leaps and bounds over what it was when I did watercolors, pastels, oils, etc.

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