3D Printable Sci-fi Buildings Set #2 Coming Soon!
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Thread: 3D Printable Sci-fi Buildings Set #2 Coming Soon!

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    Default 3D Printable Sci-fi Buildings Set #2 Coming Soon!

    My second set of Sci-fi Buildings for 3D printing will go live soon.

    I wanted to give everyone a preview of what will be included in this set.

    The models pictured are just the start, there are several Stretch Goals for new structures that will be unlocked as the campaign progresses.

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    I have plenty of structures to add to this Kickstarter so I decided to lower the Stretch Goal amounts.

    The new levels are now set at $1000 and $1400. I have a third one being made and will update the campaign with that soon.

    I'll also be adding some "Add ons" for structures from my previous Kickstarters as well.

    Also, here's a preview of the Wall and Ground Panel Stretch Goal. It can represent some kind of vent shaft, or even a cannon like the Grand Cannon from Macross/Robotech. It's still a Work in Progress, so the final model might be slightly different.

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    We've hit the Second Set of Stretch Goals and are working our Way towards the Third Set.

    The Second Set opened up a Landing Pad, Desert Themed Fortress Walls, and a 6th Ground Panel.

    The Third Set will have a Desert Themed Landing Bay, a 7th Ground Panel and Curved Wall Corners, and Scenic Cliff Faces with a Rail Cannon and Landing Bay.


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    I'm excited and must be the first one to see the second set of Sci-fi building!

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