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    When an Ncu claims the 'Horse'. Can you use the ability 'Vanguard Commander' to return 'Feinting Manuever' to your hand from the discard pile and play it instantly?

    Vanguard Commander:
    When you claim 'Horse' ,return 1 Commander Tactic Card to your hand.

    Feinting Manuever:

    When you claim 'horse' replace the zone effect.

    Thanks in advance

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    No. Once you have returned the card to your hand, the trigger window will have passed. .
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    The trigger window would have passed for you to do it in that order, however, I believe you're able to play it and then pull it back.

    The trigger windows are the same, so you'd effectively be doing the following:

    -Claim the horse
    -Declare you will be playing Feinting Manuever
    -Declare you will be using Vanguard commander
    (Simultaneous action so you decide resolution order)
    -resolve Feinting manuever which places it in discard
    -resolve Vanguard commander to grab feinting manuever back

    It's not great since it kinda gums up your hand for the next draw phase, as opposed to the order you asked about, but its still a neat trick

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