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    Default Baratheons in a tournament

    Just wondering what lists people would take to tournament with Baratheons, 40 points
    I'm thinking Renly as commander with 4 units of Wardens and maybe 2 units of cutthroats with Allister and Petyr.

    What do you reckon?

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    I'm not a seasoned player by any stretch, but here are my thoughts, having considered this as well.

    Most agree (thanks to lack of options..) that Wardens are the best value unit for the Baratheons. Low cost, high defense, decent morale for a line anchoring unit. However, their speed holds them back, and their hitting power is mediocre at full health; lackluster at best once they drop a rank. But you know this already.

    So this is just theory crafting here, but with your 2 remaining points, perhaps consider "upgrading" one of the warden units to a Sentinel unit? While the Sentinels are my least favorite unit of the 3 right now, they theoretically offer a little battlefield flexibility by occupying the middle ground between the highly defensive Wardens and the highly offensive cutthroats. That said, my experience with them in my Stannis force has been one of extremes. Either they have done some great work, or they died real early and felt like a waste of points. I think their performance depends heavily on the commander, and what faction you're playing against. I bet they will do better in a Renly army at present, or with Davos in future. Mainly because Renly has healing abilities that Stannis doesn't.

    I both like the idea, and hate the idea of using Cutthroats in the Baratheon army. But as a cheap unit that can really do some damage, it's a valuable tool that the faction could really use right now. Especially given that you need units to die to trigger a couple of those powerful cards. I imagine a charging Cutthroat unit can do some damage, get wiped soon after, but possibly take the enemy unit down with it. I'm sure this result is worth their 5 point price tag, so I reluctantly ordered myself a box of them to try out.

    So I like that you have two of them in here, because I think that when one of them dies, your offensive potential will be severely limited. That's why I'd consider swapping out a Warden unit for a Sentinel unit. They don't have all the goodies that the Cutthroats have for 1 fewer point, but the 4+ armor and maybe a Master Warden in them with your last remaining army point, can keep them hanging around a little longer. The Baratheon cards require this, and Renly helps make it so. Yes, the Wardens are better at sticking around, but they don't remove enemy models so well...

    I had pretty good results basically reserving the "Hold the Line" card for Sentinels. Aside from the Stag Knights, that card (and Counter Charge too) seems meant for them. I'm assuming you're pretty committed to those two NCUs primarily because they're what you have, and the new stuff isn't out yet? Otherwise, I would consider swapping Florent out for Eldon Estermont for his nearly invaluable card drawing ability at a 1 point savings. At that point, I'd forget about the Sentinels entirely and sub in Stag Knights. With all of that card cycling, they'd become far more versatile/reliable.

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    I like your insight there very interesting,
    These aren't the only units I have available to be honest i have pretty much all the neutral units apart from the black guard they are so hard to get hold of.
    I do like the stag knights but without the new releases out for me yet they are a little lacking. Eldon will pretty much be an auto include with my renly lists.
    As much as stannis is my favourite character I find him as commander hard to use with the lack of healing other than tycho.
    I really want to take the baratheons but I feel like I'm just going to get smashed everytime unless it's two flayed men and whatever I can fit in after that.

    Still my favourite faction though I'm holding the torch for them they will be top tier I think

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    Stannis is my favorite character too, but while I acknowledge Renly and nearly every one of his bannermen appears superior to Stannis and his followers, I’m too much of an uncompromising Stannis loyalist. I would rather lose with Stannis than win with Renly even though that makes no sense. Stannis is a somewhat tragic figure to me, so it seems almost more thematic for everything to be a struggle lol. The upside is that when you do win, it feels that much sweeter. But I can’t blame you for playing Renly. While Stannis is right, Renly is more competitive, and this is a game after all so...I’d rather you play Renly than give up on Baratheons entirely. That would demoralize me more.

    I really think that between the new heroes and the new units on the horizon, the faction will improve. That’s been the case with all the others. Overally none of them got *worse* after new units and revisions. It’s just a bummer that it feels like we have to wait so long before we can hope to see the faction become everything we wanted it to be. At least with Renly’s new heroes alone, he’s getting a huge boost. I’m jealous of the Eldon ability on a 3 point NCU. I want Card draw for Stannis too dang it! Looking at his stuff, I feel a little more disappointed at the moment aside from Melisandre maybe. But her ability and most of the others previewed don’t seem to adjust for the Baratheon weaknesses enough. They mostly double down on the self-damaging theme, which is strange for a faction that’s all about durability...that’s why Renlys powers of morale and healing seem to make more sense. Right now I’m most excited to see what Davos’s other cards do, and hoping for an alternate commander version of Stannis, because I’m really not too thrilled
    with his tactics cards.

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