Hello there!

I'm a long time miniature painter though I had a long, almost 5 year break between them and I only came back to hobby last year as a way to cope with a personal tragedy. Somehow It made me a better painted than I was before so I decided, why not go out into the world and share my creations?

I am currently more of a Kill team player (before I played the big Warhammer 40k) so now thanks to that I am paying more attention to single models rather than to the whole armies which probably made me that better painter than I was before.

For starters I would love to share with you something that I created as my own pattern technique: The Steppentarn T'au. They aren't my first models I did after the hiatus as I started with marines, but they received much attention later on when I became more confident in my abilities.

For the longer part of last year I've became a big fan of the steppentarn german camouflage pattern and decided to replicate them. Since my Marines weren't fit for this kind of camo, them being Marines, I decided that T'Au were the best suited 40k bunch to receive the camo.

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This is the prototype minifig on which I first applied the techniques after developing them on a flat surface. The mini needs a change of base for a bigger one as this is a rescued model from years ago.

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The intermediary miniature between the Commander and the Stealthsuit, and a proof of concept if the steppentarn techniques are applicable to the little miniatures of T'au footsoldiers. I was pleasantly surprised by the end result and in the end I think that the pattern looks best on the little ones.

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And my Commander. As of now these are the only three done in this scheme and they proved to be quite a challenge.

Any comments and critiques are welcome <3