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    BLUF: When Ranger Hunters retreat away from an enemy and elect to use Quickfire to perform a ranged attack, does the enemy pivot before or after the attack?

    The crux of the question comes down to the highlighted portion of the pertinent section of rules.

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    There are two competing perspectives:

    1. The enemy's free pivot and Quickfire both trigger off "after the Retreat Action is complete". Thus they are both simultaneous. Assuming the active player is the retreating Hunters, they would resolve Quickfire first.

    2. The enemy's free pivot triggers "after the Retreat is complete". The "Retreat" and the enemy pivot are just "parts" of the overarching "Retreat Action". Therefore, the flow of events would be: Rangers move away from the enemy "retreating", enemy would then pivot after said "retreat", at this point the "Retreat Action" is complete, thus finally triggering Quickfire.

    The general consensus is that option 1 holds to RAW better... and that option 2 would be a stretch (but the language is obscure due to "retreat" vs "retreat action").

    However, we got a glimpse of RAI during Michael's podcast when he said "The enemy would have to choose between pivoting to face the Hunters and expose themselves to the main Night's Watch line, or to not pivot and take a shot in the flank" (paraphrased). This implies that the designer intended for the pivot to occur before Quickfire. As unofficial as your podcasts are, they still do give insight into your intentions to how rules were meant to be designed. And the RAW language is there to support either option.

    To the community (Discord specifically),

    I tried to word this in a manner to present both trains of thought equally. If we could keep this one clean until Michael gets to an official ruling?

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    I’d love an answer to this one as well.

    I am currently using option one, and retreat into a flanking position quite a bit with my Stark armies. However, as you said, both are supported by the wording.

    Looking forward to Michael’s input.
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    There’s a further complication that whilst probably not a problem amongst friends would interest a competition rules junkie.

    Infantry bases are not square so if you withdraw 6” (because you rolled a 6) then when the enemy pivots around the bases centre to face you they’ll be outside of short range unless you use your 2” to get back in range. Timing of activities will be really important in this scenario.
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    Order and pivot are simultanous therefore active player goes first
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