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    Thanks everyone!

    @ekipage- yeah I like how it turned out after the matte too. I think the colors may have been altered slightly, but not in a bad way.
    @Graishak- those are good suggestions. For the second one I've tried to be more precise with the edges and increase the contrast a bit further, but maybe I'm still falling in the trap of too much white for the highlights.

    So, I've finished the second beast and rider. The armor parts I think are mostly done the same as the first one, but I tried a little different approach for both the dino skin and the base. So it's not totally uniform with the first rider, but there's some things I like more about this one.

    Again I made a small mod-- this time there was a severed head in the dino's mouth, so to keep it thematically in line with the first one I sculpted an onion over the screaming head. The banner was a little tricky since I hadn't really done larger flat surfaces before, and I admit I got a little lazy with the insignia designs and just painted them with metallics. But please let me know if you have any pointers for that, or for anything else. Thanks again for looking!

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    Wow! This looks fabulous! I love that metallic red, it is beautifully painted, and looks so great agains the rough blue skin of the Dinos.

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    I have to second what gorb said. That red armor is looking sweet! Really well done DChan!

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    Yup, that metallic red looks nice. Really liking your take on these dino riders.

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