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    I submitted my sculpt of a female dwarf wielding a chainsaw recently. While I consider her one of my best sculpts so far the ratings went down to 6.7 (5.1). I wonder why she receives such low ratings by members. 5.1 in average even though I know she received some 9s and 10s from some forum members. Are there any flaws that I don't see? What is your opinion?


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    I personally don't see anything wrong with it and think it looks great! looking at the pics in the link, maybe because some of the photos are fuzzy and a tad dark could be a reason some people gave it a bad score. But honestly there could be any number of reasons, such as they don't like dwarves, jealous of your skill, maybe think it needs something else, etc. so it is really hard to tell just from here.

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    To be honest, I don't love the miniature, but it's a matter of taste. This chubby style is not my thing, but hey, that's just me. Perhaps other people think like me and... low ratings.

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    Maybe I should stop sculpting dwarves and go for elves instead

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    It´s a very creative sculpt!

    Ten points!

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