Hello Free Folk Players,

i love the game and am playing it for half a year now. Recently, i got a good deal on the Free Folk Starter Box and a Box of Spearwives and as i figured out, i can already build a 40 point list with that. Because it is my 4th faction, in try to limit my purchases (not easy, of course). We have, without Thenn Warriors and Skinchangers, a good amount of product in the shops here.

My question is, can an build a "real" FF-List with my Units? That would mean that i would use Tormund and Mance in my List, or is ist necessary to buy additional boxes to have a good gaming experience? Do i really need the Heores Box right now, or can a build a single good list with my stuff already? I am considering a) Cave Dwellers, b) Followers of Bone or c) Heroes Box.

As i have already realised is that the two giants are playable now. Adding the two raiders, spearwives and a unit of trackers, would be my list. Val and Craster on the tactics board, Tormund and Mance on the field? So you think this would work? Or do i nee a harder unit, to place Tormund or Mance in?

EDIT: I do not like the mass lists with 4+ raiders, so i think i like an elite approach more.

Thank you VERY much!