Commercially Available Plain Bases: Any Buyer's Guide?
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Thread: Commercially Available Plain Bases: Any Buyer's Guide?

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    Default Commercially Available Plain Bases: Any Buyer's Guide?

    I'm doing a set of Retro Rayguns by Hydra, and I'm just about at the point where I need to mount them on bases. Seeing as how my stash of bases is rather low, I'll have to get some more. But then I realized how little I know about the commercially available options these days. A lot has changed in the aftermarket, and it's hard to know where to look. Typically I like to use Reaper Base Boss stock bases, but it's hard to find them in my area. If I have to order some, this might be a good opportunity to see what else is out there!

    So I was wondering: is there some sort of catalog or buyer's guide to stock bases available in these forums or elsewhere online that you've come across? If not, then maybe we could start one by listing down your favorites, and why you like them.

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    I ended up getting a few packages of 25mm rounds and 25mmx60mm from Proxie Models. They do the job, and at a good price.

    I'd like to take some detailed measurements of these with my micrometer, and write out a brief description of the features (including price per unit, quantity, and so forth), so that I can refer to the specs in the future. I'd like to do this with the other bases I use as well.

    This might be a good thing to do with the blog feature: start a catalogue of base specs. Perhaps folks here might find that useful.

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