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    I joined this forum couple of years ago to get advise on my back then -completely out of the sky- new hobby "miniature painting".
    I really liked the passion and respect of all the peoples around here. This forum helped me a lot and i did greatly enjoyed the work/and steps people show here.
    But i got carried away and in retrospect. I took it to serious and lost the fun in the process.
    When you read through my comments/WIP you can actually see how i shifted from passion into self pressure.

    However in the middle of one of my miniatures my plinths-supplier went on holiday and i started the crazy journey to build my my own wooden plinths (spoiler: it was just a rectangle).
    I never posted here after that.
    That was because i left miniature painting and went full into wood working.
    I went from a rectangle plinth into a workbench, into all kind of tools, into furniture and right now, i am building myself a complete new workshop.
    So even when my interest lead me away, the start was made here (I still look up some of you guys work from time to time tho).

    And perhaps i go full circle and build some plinth again in the future.
    Well, it have to be something crazy special tho ... oh dear i starting the "take it to serious" again ..

    So TLDR Thank you!

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    Best of luck in the wood working!

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    You could probably turn plinth making into a good business if you made something more individual than a rectangle. So many people are on the lookout for decent handmade plinths. I can’t be the only person disappointed in the mass produced cheaply moulded rubbish most manufacturers foist upon us.

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