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    Hey guys i have a question in regards to the north remembers tactics card. I know we put activations on the combat units on yhe field for the soul purpose of knowing that we have activated them. But my question is do the NCUs have activation tokens on them as well and do we tend to not put them on them as well if there on the tactics board then you know they are activated. Now hopefully you can see what im getting at. As the north remembers tactics card says "you may choose a unit and remove an activation token from that unit" it clearly doesnt say combat unit but it does say remove a token from that unit. As Ncus are technically a unit. I cant see any reason to say i can't re activate a unit other then the physical token issue

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    Ncus are units. It's in their name: Non-Combat Unit.

    They, however, do NOT gain Activation tokens. This rule is specific to Combat Units, and nowhere does it state anything but Combat Units gain them.

    There is no token to remove on them for the North Remembers. e . g., No, you cannot reactivate them.

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