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    If cavalary unit starts activation within 6 of taunt unit can it moves away with free maneure so it will not see taunt unit and become unable to charge?

    I see that sequence:
    cavalary declarates free maneure
    Thenns declarates taunt
    Cavalary moves
    Cavalary check and charges if able.

    And second question. Can unit without melle attack charge?

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    Already answered here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...l=1#post886474

    Cavalry gets the free maneuver after taunt triggered, making the taunt charge impossible to complete (and thus the cavalry can do anything else).

    On your second question, there is no other official source than rule book: nothing prevents Charging in current 1.5.1 rules, even with unit without melee attack profile. The melee attack part would be omitted, as it is not possible (but could e.g. prevent opponent scoring a point in certain gamemodes, due to ranks).

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