Brienne the blue and countercharge
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Thread: Brienne the blue and countercharge

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    Question Brienne the blue and countercharge

    Hello, so just looking for official clarification on the interaction between the ability for Brienne the blue from the new baratheon heroes and the tactics card countercharge.

    After Renly has been attacked, can you play counter charge and declare beinnes ability, use countercharge to charge with brienne's unit and then use her ability to attack with the unit?

    This topic has caused a alot of discussion in my play group, I claim that it can be used like this and it is perfectly legal. My opponents are saying that this is wrong as when you declare that you are using brienne's ability, it is at this point you must select the charge because the mellee attack is not legal at this point.
    My counter arguement is that the whole ability is used after countercharge so you do not need to choose to charge or attack with brienne until after you have resolved countercharge.

    There has been a whole thread on the FB page which doesnt seem to clarify it as people are saying both yes and no. I personally am leaning to yes it is perfectly legal but my peers are saying it's not.
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    That would be a good question to post in the Rules forum, which tends to be quite active here too

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    Literally just signed up! Posted here and then noticed the rules thread. I shall post it over there now

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