We had try FiB campaign

And there is some comments and questions

Question 1
How is intended campaing for 3 players?

a) all play game of thrones
b) all play second mission
c) all play third mission

(6-7 games for each player)?

or all play with each other (2 games) then final?

Question 2
Progress point system is intended to use once for unit, once for player or once for both players?

(for example
a) each unit gains 1 pp first time it kills enemy unit (so all units can gain this bonus)
b) first unit of army gains 1 pp when kills enemy (and other unit dont get this pp)
c) first unit in game gains 1 pp when kills enemy (and other unts from both players dont get this pp)

Comments -
1) Free unit makes games +7-8 pts more. But victory conditions stay same (8 vp for 30 pts game). It feels as not intended.
2) There are unfair situation with units leveling in 3+ ppl. Assume two players play first mission. They both gets some progress. So when they will play second game with player who dont get PP they have mor chances to win.