My Painting Backlog so far...
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Thread: My Painting Backlog so far...

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    Default My Painting Backlog so far...

    Here are some pieces I am working on, let me know what you think, C&C welcome.

    Sad about the conventions being canceled but it is for the best.

    My squad piece is nothing really serious, just trying out different techniques and having some fun with it. Probably just a piece of an army in the future.

    Here are some pics, will be adding as progress goes on.

    Happy painting everybody!

    Ps. Photobucket is being terrible right now for me, anybody else recommend different hosting site?

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    Your base work is superb. I think your first base is a piece of art in itself...even without the figure. Very smooth painting. Shame about the photo bucket logo across most of it.

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    Hmm, I don't see any issues with the photos themselves (no PB logo or anything like that). Really nice work on the items. That first base does look really good! and that vehicle (sorry don't know which one it is) looks really nice, I like that green to black transition and the design on the bottom part of it.

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    Thanks for the c&c guys, I have decided to also continue work on a Gimli LOTR Model for GD.

    Here are some pictures of the WIP and a random Uruk I am working on mostly for fun.

    Keep on painting everybody and have fun!

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    Really nice work, congratulation!

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