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    I was thinking about getting some thenns on the table but I wanted to hear your opinions.
    A unit of thenns with a chosen of styr sound tempting to me but I cant help to think if it is worth compared to getting a giant.. What do you Guys think?

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    Worth it for me, solid defensive unit and against certain factions (eg starks) I’m finding my giants are still getting cut down very easily!

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    Giants can be minced if charged by a potent unit with sundering (or anything that prevents saves or deals in wounds). The same charge might not be as good vs the Thenns, especially with Weakened tokens spread around as they reduce the incoming hits in the first place. Styr's Chosen also see a spot in many lists, not just ones with Thenns, so the unit box is definitely useful.

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    For me, I choose giant. The last boost of his ability make him better than thenn warriors. He takes blows as thenn and has a better moral, his attack is more powerful. Add to this, when you heal a giant you restore wounds faster (1 wound = 2 unsaved hits).
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