Looted Leman Russ tanks for grot guard
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Thread: Looted Leman Russ tanks for grot guard

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    Default Looted Leman Russ tanks for grot guard

    1. Assembled.

    Name:  20200420_232134.jpg
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    Name:  20200420_232203.jpg
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    Name:  20200421_183923.jpg
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    Name:  20200421_184000.jpg
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    2. Primed.
    Name:  20200421_172703.jpg
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    Name:  20200421_185115.jpg
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    3.Base colors.
    Name:  20200422_005533.jpg
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    4. Battle damage is applyed.

    Name:  20200423_201937.jpg
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    Name:  20200423_201953.jpg
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    Name:  20200423_202010.jpg
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    5. The first looted Leman Russ is ready.

    Name:  7JGJi_rPrYQ.jpg
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    Name:  YCVF1VT6TZ8.jpg
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    I just love orc tanks, really looking Forward to the end results!
    Two things id like to criticise though, first is the armour plating at the turrets, These look a bit to bulky yet too smooth around the edges. Maybe clipping of some Corners, or Scratching them with a knife, or steelbrush could alter them in a more ramshackled way? Probably a Little late cause u already put paint on it.
    Second Thing are the main turrets, i Always Thing pointing Right Forward Looks a Little less natural, but those should be and stay turnable anyways, right?

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    I think i will not scratch them, but i will paint battle damage. The turrets are rotatable.

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    yep these are coming on grand. might also be good to bring some patches back to bare metal. by sponging on metallics. if done sparingly it really adds some more dimension to the effect. but it also helps build contrast and interesting sections to catch the eye.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again https://www.instagram.com/coyotepaints/

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    I took plasma gun from Imperial Knights Knight Castellan.

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    The first looted leman russ is ready.

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    These are brilliant. I love the full on orky grot energy the conversions have. Two suggestions - The one with the plasma cannon looks very front heavy, which is totally in character. But I'd also like to see some big pile of strapped on junk in the back as counterbalance. Think every time the tank starts to tip over the grots strap something else to the back. And second - you've got to do something about the mold/glue lines on the twin linked cannons on the other tank's main gun barrels. Maybe camouflage it by wrapping something around?

    Lovely work though, unique and full of energy!

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