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    Hi there my name is Seyni N'diaye but you may know me as Nebriuson on instagram or Malcharion on BnC.
    I'm a French miniature painter from Lyon and I wanted to stop lurking around and join in

    Here are some of my models as tributes :

    Name:  47693235_2107114416267932_7865476193597106892_n__sized_l.jpg
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    Name:  20200214_133719__sized_l.jpg
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    See ya !


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    Nice work!

    We actually met last GD at the hotel, right? In the Bar/restaurant. We said we we should show each other miniatures but it never happened.

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    Bienvenue sur le forum!

    De très belles figurines. J'aime tout particulièrement la nymphe.

    J'ai hâte d'en voir plus.

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    @Avelorn : Oh yeah !! We totaly met. Too bad that never happened I dig your work ! I sincerly hope to catch you at another games day as soon as they are back on the menue ! Thabks for the welcome anyway

    @Dexter : Merci pour l'accueil ! Content que la nymphe te plaise

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    Awesome minis Seyni! I especially like your Carchadons featured on the GW website! Amazing! Welcome to CMON!
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    You are amazingly talented!

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