What abilities count as targeting?
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Thread: What abilities count as targeting?

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    Default What abilities count as targeting?

    Do vicious, sundering, crit blow, and precision count as targeting the defender?

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    hi Batman

    They seem like it. It might be different from abilities that specifically require the player to choose a unit like tywin lannister who gives a weakened token to a chosen unit. What's the context here?

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    Vicious states that "the defender..." so yes.
    Sundering 'defender suffers..." so i say yes.
    Critical "rolls causes..." so no
    Precision "hits (...) do not allow saves" so no

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    This was a topic that came up on Discord a few days ago. This was in reference to the new Selmy card, which shuts off abilities targeting the unit.

    Where hairs are getting split is whether the attack abilities TheBatman listed are, in fact, considered targeting the unit being attacked. Those abilities are not directly targeting the defending unit—the attack itself is. They’re acting as modifiers to that attack.

    Basically, does Selmy turn off everything headed his way in the same broad manner as Walder Frey, or is it limited to tactics cards and orders that specifically target a unit?
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    I haven't seen that version of Selmy so I can't post a pic with the wording. In regards to sundering (and any other ability on the unit), the rules state that these kind of abilities are active on the unit and applied to the attack itself. The example is even describing sundering.

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    The rules extend this to mean that they are not abilities targeting selmy's unit "unless specifically noted otherwise"

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    For reference, this is the card:

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    Oh Helllllo!

    When did this one come out? He's not even in war council yet!

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    All Targaryens card was leaked
    And even Stag Knights

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    Yes this is what my question was in reference to

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    Oh nice! Thanks for the heads up! There's some cool stuff leaked -an NCU that adds a zone? That zone is a doozy too! This game is awesome and am glad to see such awesome support and freshness!

    My hats off to you batman for being proactive about the rules!

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    As mentioned previously, abilities like Vicious, Crit Blow, Sundering affect/target the friendly units attack but have affects on targeted enemy unit. I do not think Barristan cancels those types of abilities since they dont specifically target the unit like say an order, tactics card, NCU influence.

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