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    ������ STORE UPDATE ������
    Hello fellow Sailors, finally it is time for a store update!

    From 1st of May to 8th of May, you can use the discount code WELCOMEBACK to have a great 15% discount on all products!

    Faenir, Gunner of the Kraken
    Concept: Davide Rapazzini
    Sculpt: Antonio Marzii
    3d Printing: Abyssoul Studio
    Boxart: RUSTO art and craft show - Fabrizio Russo
    Code: Aby06


    Jahb’I Khalem
    Concept: Mirko Failoni Art
    Sculptwork: Demiurge Miniatures
    Boxart: Fausto Palumbo
    Code: Aby07


    We have a limited stock immediately available for shipping.
    Happy Painting time!
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