When does traps trigger?
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Thread: When does traps trigger?

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    Default When does traps trigger?

    Trappers Are cool but im not sure if i can trigger traps on pivots, shifts, and disengage.

    Pivots Are usualy a part of another Movement like a charge so therefore you can only trigger traps once on the charging unit. But can you trigger traps on a unit that pivots after the unit they where engaged with dies, or retreat?

    Shifts im not sure is a move since its not affekted by Movement inpairing effects.

    If an enemy disengages, is he then engaged when the order would trigger and therefore its not possible to trigger the traps?

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    Shifts, Pivots, Maneuvers & Retreats are all movement - anything that moves the tray is movement.

    It's been clarified in the rules forums somwhere that a pivot is considered to be part of a single move, so a "pivot-maneuver-pivot" sequence is still just a single trigger for the purposes of Hidden Traps.

    However, Hidden Traps explicitly cannot be used if a unit starts their movement while engaged.
    So if a unit makes a Retreat action, they were engaged at the start of the movement, meaning they cannot be affected by Hidden Traps - even if they pivot at the end of the Retreat.

    Shift: Yes, unless they're shifting in combat
    Retreat: No
    Pivot: Yes, unless the pivot is part of a retreat action
    Maneuver/Charge: Yes

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