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    Hi guys and girls
    my paint scheme on Noise Marine

    My number is "LEGION"......... My name is "DEATH"

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    Dude this is fantastic. I love the crystals you added to the base too.

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    Welcome to this place and compliments for choosing a vibrant colour scheme. That noise dude is looking great!

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    Really nice work on the Noise Marine! Also really nice work shading the golds!
    I really love that part.


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    Your colour choice works well and is so vibrant. Suits the nature of a noise marine where everything screams “Look at me!”

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    Thanks to all guys
    I'm glad you like it
    My number is "LEGION"......... My name is "DEATH"

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    Nice work on this heretic -great job with the color work.

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    Great start, some lovely vivid colours and NMM principles in place. Lots of solid basics that can be developed from here!

    Maybe looking at keeping your paints a little thinner will help keep things smoother on those heavier layered areas

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