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    Hi to all, this is my version of Ogroid Myrmidon, I think it is one of the most beautiful models of the last year of GW production
    Please tell me what you think

    My number is "LEGION"......... My name is "DEATH"

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    thanks Gorb
    My number is "LEGION"......... My name is "DEATH"

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    Very eye catching I love the purple to red spines on his back.

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    Nice colour scheme, well painted. Just one remark: Did you leave the backside of the shield on intention blank?

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    Thanks guys.
    No Graishak the backside of the shield is painted in midnight blue and then, adding white, shaded towards the front.the handle is made like the straps, unfortunately you cannot see it from the photo
    My number is "LEGION"......... My name is "DEATH"

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