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    Default And now his watch is ended

    question on the NW card "And now his watch is ended". Is it mandatory to return 1 attached Vow from that unit to remove 1 NCU
    or activation token? Or can we just remove NCU or activation token?
    Thank you in advance.

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    I see where this question is coming from:
    "... and then ..." in the text seems to make it a requirement to do the 1st part before 2nd part.

    But, there is a "may" in front of the 1st part (returning of Vow). So you may return, or you may decide to not return. And there is a comma.
    Either way, you "chose" to return, or to not to return, and then you do the rest part.

    No need to fulfill the 1st part by returning, you fulfilled it by deciding to return or to not return.

    I would expect "If you did, then..." in that case if it was a requirement.

    Unless there is very exact use of English language there that I am not familiar with.

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    Thank you for the answer.

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