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    Hi all,

    I'm wanting to add headdresses of flowers and feathers to my miniatures.

    I'm wondering whether anyone has any experience of using real tiny flowers and feathers on miniatures. It would certainly save a lot of sculpting time and I think make my miniatures look quite a lot better.

    Particular concerns include:
    How to make a tiny feather (such as you find in a coat) hard enough to paint, without its little strands sticking together?
    How to preserve a tiny flower so that it keeps its shape (does not wilt or rot)?

    Any advice or help would be much appreciated.


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    I've no idea about feathers, but diorama builders have been using real plants in their models for years. To ensure they do not rot and wither away, these have typically been dried (e.g Seafoam, which is commonly used to make miniature trees or shrubs) and/or chemically treated (e.g lichen which I believe is soaked in glycerine, but I may be wrong). In the majority of cases these also have to be dyed to prevent them discolouring over time.

    Maybe have a look at, they are an Italian company who specialise in hyper realistic plant life for scale models, some of their ivy's and climbing plants would be ideal for weaving flowery headdresses if that is your goal, see below for an example of their quality. Everything they sell has also been treated and dyed and will last for years. I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but I really love these guys.

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    I can definitively recommand too, they products are simply amazing.

    You can also use laser cut paper/metal plants. You'll still need to paint them and you won't find much variations (not to mention how expenssibe they are) but it is a nice tool to use too.

    For feathers though it could ne more tricky. Maybe you can thind some as 3d file, ready to be print?

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