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    Is the resolution of "after a unit is attacked" triggers part of resolving the attack and furthermore part of a charge or attack action (which tells you to resolve an attack)?

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    it is not, after the attack is not part of the attack because it comes after.

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    Attack = attack dices roll + defense dices roll + panic test
    « after a unit is attacked » happens after panic test is resolved

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    After the attack sounds to be after the attack, so that should be clear (even though it is an bullet in attack resolution for some reason and not highlighted to be outside of the action).

    But the latter question is good about when charge ends. Are following moments simultanous, or not:
    - End of Attack resolution (of Charge).
    - End of Charge Action.

    As in, in Charge, has "end of Charge action" happened when "after attack" trigger is happening. Did the Charge action and attack resolution end simultaneously, or in order, making a difference in certain situations. Almost every other interaction in the rules of the game, the different game moments/triggers are in order, not simultaneous (like unit destruction and end of attack are not simultaneous).

    I always played and will continue playing that they are simultaneous in this one case, but both interpretations can be intreperted from the rules as a whole.

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    As I see it since the attack is the last step in the charge, when the attack ends the charge also ends. Therefore any tactics cards played on the after attack is completed trigger it is after the charge as well, this means that I'm the case of a disorderly charge any cards playing on the trigger after attack is completed may still be played.

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