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    I've been taking this series of photos for about 7 years or so. It first started when I was unemployed and bored at home and started taking photos of the scale models I build attacking my brother's cat. Over the years this hobby has evolved for me and I've graduated from taking these pictures with my phone to using a Canon Rebel T6 and I've even managed to get some paid work here and there.

    You can find my work at

    I've also started taking a series of Film Noir themed photos, since that genre peaked shortly after world war two, and there are a pretty good selection of 1:35 scale civilians for me to work with.

    I've found lately for the noir stuff in particular that building scenery and using it much the way film sets would be built in the studio at the time to be a very practical approach.

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    its dope, fo real
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    The photos are really beautiful good job!

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