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    Ok I'm not great at photography so I would appreciate any tips. I've read some posts and tried different setting using a Nikon D3100 but these are the best I can achieve. I'm using Manual Focus with ISO 100, F11 and 1/1.3 shutter speed with a desktop lamp used for lighting with a tea towel over it to dampen the light. I think my photos don't show the details clearly like I've seen on other people's photos, particularly on the smaller models. Should I get a macro lens and if so what kind?

    Many thanks for your replies!

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    Firstly, you don't need a macro lens. A good 50mm lens will work fine, so if you camera didn't come with a basic 50mm lens you might want to look at getting one of those. I am not the best photographer yet either, and it doesn't help that I haven't completed building my set-up yet either, but some of these 'how-to's' are pretty good (especially Tommie Soule's and Massive Voodo's): or straight to the instagram version:

    This is from Massive Voodoo's site and has some really good information:

    You could also check out GW's bit on pictures:

    Hope these help you some.

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    Great artwork thanks. Maybe you need a little contrast!

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    Hi, I find the photos well done.

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    Thank you all are beautiful art works! Please find some of my art works in here!

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    Hey, you did a pretty good job with the photos.

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