Can anyone recommend a camera for a noob?
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Thread: Can anyone recommend a camera for a noob?

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    Default Can anyone recommend a camera for a noob?

    Hi so I'm getting way more into painting than I used to be and I've set up a home made light box. Just getting lamps now.

    I just need a camera now as my smartphone is so hit and miss. Can anyone shoot me some names and models so that I can look them up and compare prices etc thanks.

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    First question I would ask is what is the max amount you want to spend, then it would be do you just want a point and shoot camera or one with interchangeable lenses. However without that information, a good base DSLR would be either a Canon SL3 or a Nikon D5300 or 5500. If you can find a kit with a 50mm lense I would get that, otherwise that would be a good first lens to purchase with any of those. Although if you can hold out until around Christmas time they will be cheaper by about $100 to $200, but currently around $600 to $850 or so. Oh, forgot about the Canon T7 for about $500. Otherwise, you could probably get a decent point and shoot such as a nikon coolpix or canon powershot for around $300
    *names might be different if you are outside of U.S. I think the SL3 is called the 250D or something and may be same for others
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    Thank you for the info on same day eki. But omg really that much? I don't have that kind of money to drop into my hobby just to take pictures of it. It's got to be sub £100 or I can't do it, what about a compact with a macro function? Possibly second hand market?

    Thanks again man.


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    You should be able to get a Nikon Coolpix A10, Sony Cybershot DCS-W810, or Canon Powershot Elph 180 (I think this one is the Ixus 185 in the UK) for around that 100 pound mark or a little less especially if you get used ones. But then you may want to check with any camera shops in your area that sell used as they probably are a little better than getting one off Amazon or Ebay used. I would look at the specs though and try to get the best one you can for the right price. Also research the reviews on sites like or and see what they say.

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    Thanks eki sorry for the slow reply. Ive got my eye on the sony model you mentioned theres a few on there ( ebay) for only 10-20 quid right now in auctions. Any big difference between it and the 800 model which seems to be more affordable? Also which do u think is better suited for miniature photography out of the nikon and the sony? The canon I can't really find anywhere so lets leave that out of the frame for now ( see what I did there lol).
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    I am not that knowledgeable about either of those cameras, but it looks like the Sony might have the edge based on MP. However here are two articles that might help (or confuse you more)

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    i think so. you can use light box to painting beauty very much

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    Nowadays even smartphone can create really great photos, so you can try to update your device than buy camera. For example, you can buy new Samsung or Iphone with incredible photo characteristicks and it will be cheaper than buy professional camera.

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    The DCS-W810 is a good camera and it is not expensive.

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    My friend use the Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera, the quality is great

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    I would also say Nikon D3500 is OK for beginners. It's a good universal camera. Also Fujifilm X-T200 is quite interesting option. It's simple and not heavy

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