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    Lightbulb Competitive modifications? some ideas

    Hi, i see how people with more activations, control or spam often win and elite armies lose, that's why i propose some changes to the army build and ideas to the future tournamets:

    • Neutrals:

    too many people are playing 50% of their army and neutral comander in no neutral army thats is very antilore and sometimes is dangerous to the balance of the game some solutions(individual or a combination of then)

    1. You can't play a neutral comander with out neutral army ( less daario naharis because he is a mercenary), why roose is comanding targarien or baratheon for example? i dont know, but people play him
    2. neutrals can only take the 25% of the army points
    3. loyalties for neutrals, for example walderfrey can never be incluyed in a baratheon army or varys in stark etc

    another changes i proupose are for the building and playing sistem of the game:
    • Building army

    1. 0-2(0-4 for riders) if you could only can take 2 times the same unit, you will play a diverse army, and you will never see an army like 3 berserks or 3 nigthwatch brothers, always it will be more fun to play i think.
    2. basic units, keyword required to build, you always need to play 1 of that units or more(depends of the point value) for example 0 basic unit in 30 points 1 unit in 40 and 2 in 50, and thats units always will be A starter unit, but some armys can have more than 1 for example, and with the 0-2 you can't spam: -Stark swords, lanister guardsmen, nw sworn brothers, targaryen dothraki screamers, freefolk riders, baratheon wardens, bolton cutthroads or stormcrows(only for neutral army are basics unit)
    3. max 10 units(NCU + Combat Units)

    • On the table

    1. Pass token, that is an interesting form to fix armies with low activations, the rules are very easy:

    -at the start of the round count your activations and the enemy activations
    -the player with less activations recive up 2 pass token

    at the start of any turn you can discard a pass token instead activate a unit(you can't activate a Combat unit or NCU after that) and you can't play orders or tactic cards this turn

    2. Solo units, the bag is for REAGROUP units so why a solo unit can be healed or panicked with the crown? solution:
    • Solo units never can be healed by bag tactical zone
    • Solo units never can suffer wounds from a panick test receiving an attack

    me and my friends belive that are very simple and very good idea to play i hope you like it
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    Your neutral and solo unit suggestions seem to be more of a thematic change, rather than a competitive/balance change.

    - Max 2 units: is this a common problem? I don't often see 3+ units of Berserkers
    - Basic units: I really don't like the idea of tax units, and this unfairly disadvantages factions with a worse "basic" unit. Starks will be happy to take more Sworn Swords, but Lannister Guardsmen have a much more specific use-case.
    - Max 10 units: Is this even really an issue?

    - Pass Tokens: It's a cool idea, but you'd have to consider how some factions are balanced around activation advantage (particularly FF)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutumnLeaves View Post
    - Max 2 units: is this a common problem? I don't often see 3+ units of Berserkers
    Units aren't generally an issue (maybe 3 units of stark outriders) but having a field allowance for attachments could be good. Might limit 6 skinchangers lists and allows for some strong attachments to be made, but not spammed (ie. Walrus Chieftain)

    I think a field allowance for each unit and attachment would be a decent addition to the game. But that field allowance (FA) should be tailored to each unit. Raiders might be FA:4, but Berserkers be FA:2. That sort of thing.

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    Great Ideas, about Pass Tokens and 0-2 limit this will balance and improve a lot competitive experience, avoiding spam lists.

    This also fit well with the original idea of ​​designers about you should play with all your faction units if you want because all are playable, avoiding lists repeating the same Op unit for spam it in your faction just because this unit is better than others.

    Even now I think that a good player can win without repeat any unit, making lists that combine very different units and abilities with each other will do more damage.

    Increase neutral limit cost also will avoid weird lists too, so well done

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    I agree with your "no neutral commanders in non neutral armies" but I might change it to just limit the armies they can command similar to your neutral loyalty mechanic.

    For example, it makes sense to see Daario commanding Targaryen armies or Roose Lannisters, but you should probably be required to take 50% neutrals when you have a neutral commander.

    I agree with the idea of variable field allowances, but I would only place them high enough to prevent the most egregious lists.

    I understand the desire for pass tokens, but the ability to see actual horde armies out activating others (like Free Folk) is one of my favorite parts of this game. What I don't like is cheap solo units like wolves pushing up activations. Basically you can solve this like they did with skinchangers bears where their activation is just part of the activation of the bonded unit. Basically this really only seems to be an issue with Stark direwolves.

    I also like the idea of solo units not being able to be healed by the bags. This should limit Giants a bit and put a few more Stark direwolves out of commission. I don't agree with the no panic test thing. Solo units would be some of the most likely to decide to skip out.
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    I think the most effective way to prevent spam is a "tax" for duplicates: each tame you take a duplicate of the same unit, the new unit cost 1 pt more than the previous one. (This would not apply to insignificant units)

    For example: you take 3 units of Kinghts of Casterly Rock
    - 1st unit: 8 pts
    - 2nd unit: 9 pts
    - 3rd unit: 10 pts

    I'd do the same thing for NCUs: Each NCU you include in your army beyond the 2nd one cost 1 pt more.

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    The passtoken can be consumed and no regenerated, y think is better option.

    Another think is very cuestionable is the charges i think cmon can fix It because somenytimes the charges are imposible un a stupid sitiuation, and multicharge its imposible to see

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