Need an official ruling on the trigger for the Assault veterans order
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Thread: Need an official ruling on the trigger for the Assault veterans order

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    Default Need an official ruling on the trigger for the Assault veterans order

    So I raised this question in the unofficial Facebook group but I think it needs an official ruling. What is the actual trigger window for the Lannister’s attachment Assault veteran? The card reads “if this unit began the turn engaged” so does that mean it’s a Start of turn trigger or is it supposed to be “when this unit begin its activation engaged” which is the same trigger as Donal Noye’s and Baratheon basic card? A start of the turn trigger seems really weird because it’s prior to even activating the unit. As of now it’s only the Unsullied officer who shares that trigger and in that case you are giving a free action to the unit. And if it’s the case then I think the card should be reworded to “At the start of a turn when this unit is engaged:”

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    I’m not an official response, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night...

    Absent that official response, I would suggest interpreting the card only as written, as the beginning of a turn and the beginning of an activation are different triggers.

    I know the Rodrik Cassel attachment also has an order that triggers at the start of a friendly turn, so it’s reasonable to assume that this wording is intentional.
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    I would say you can use it when you want, but better before the attack for after determinig attack dice pool or rolling attack dice it wouldn't be very usefull (for an overrun but why not using it for the first stricke for it lasts unitil the end of the turn).

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    I think it could be intelligent to role it after using overrun. The trigger allows it, but i would definitely agree to declare it before the dices are rolled. That would crash the resolving attack logik where the first step is:
    Determine Attack Dice:

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