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    Think this is not a rule question perse but a suggestion but don't know where to post sorry. Is there an official and exhaustive as possible glossary ?
    We had an discussion on a fb group about what is targeting for the term is not defined but used on multiple cards. The only cards using the word in an active way would be the vows that mention that "if the card targets a nightwatch unit then..." while sword in darkness vow affects the attacker's unit for the vow part, the first effect : "the defender becomes vulnerable" does not (for me at least). So what does that mean ? That every card played during an attack affects the attacker ? That vows are exception and that even when their effect is directed to an enemy it affects the attacker ?

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    Other than the rulebook and FAQ, nothing like this exists.

    Something like this has been suggested several times though - I think it would be a great idea to have a more in-depth document that defines exactly what each term means and when each timing step happens.

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