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    If scenario dont utilise Victory throught combat rule units that grant additional points still grant them? (i.e. Joffry, Ricon)

    The can free folk insignificant units grant victory points in Fire and Blood scenario if destroyed by Marked Units or Marked themselves?

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    Yes to both.

    Joffrey & Rickon (and any others like them) grant bonus VP when they are killed, Joffrey at any time and Rickon if he is present at the time of his unit’s destruction. This occurs whether Victory Through Combat is active or not.

    The F&B scenario rules allowing units to be marked overrides the Insignificant trait. As the only units that cannot be marked are those costing 0 points, and units like Trappers and Raiders cost points, they can be marked.
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    Rickon and Joffrey are slightly different. Joffrey grants the extra VP when his model is destroyed. Rickon requires the unit itself to be destroyed. Meaning that if Rickon is sniped by Jaime Kingsguard for example, the extra VP is not granted.
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    You are correct, gentleman with excellent taste in avatars. Will edit above to clarify.
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    In the same way, in secrets missions scenarii, does a destroyed Bear grant Victory point by secret mission cards?

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