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    Default Help pleaseeeee... Vapourware scheme

    Hi all! Long time user and I think this is my first ever post.
    I've got one of those annoying brainworms that is insisting that I try to do something that I cannot wrap my head around.

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to translate a dark cyber/neon/vapourware scheme onto blood angel space marines.
    I've attached an image showing the type of thing I'm after, or even better if you've seen "blood machine" or "turbo killer" you'll get the effect.
    I'm after a over saturated, dripping in neon kinda atmosphere but my two main issues seem to be that there is so much 'dark' in these styles to better acentuate the neons and that the effects seems to mainly be 'environmental' and I don't know how to get this to come across on mini's.

    If anyone has any advice or pics/links showing me examples on people that have done this that would be amazing.

    At the moment all I can think is shade into green and highlight up to red but both with pretty sever transitions? It's almost like I want a universal green light coming from the ground up to underlight the mini but I don't know how this works with the armour colour and details.
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    Not got much to offer you here, but I’d suggest that if you’ve a spare shoulder pad or two practise on them before going full scale.
    oOnly advice I can offer is pick out the edges and make them the brightest points.
    Good luck and let us see any results.
    Perhaps this video might be of some help. Who knows.
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    My friend Anders does something at least in the vicinity. Check his Nurgle stuff. I think he might have done a write up in comments. But I know he uses Vallejo fluorescent paint to a large extent.

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