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    Default Maxwin's WIP

    My current project is Abaddon the Despoiler, still a little way off finishing, trying a few things out like distressed leather and OSL any tips or crits welcome.
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    Nice start. The face is looking very good.

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    Thanks Graishak.
    Decided to add some meat the the base and a few space marine spares, also started the time consuming detailing on the armour.
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    The sword looks great, as does the rest of the figure and the base.

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    I was going to give you a compliment on using actual meat on you miniature....until I finished reading the sentence. Seriously though, really nice work on Abaddon so far!

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    Ha! its meat free for now. Thanks for the comments.
    I've been messing about with some osl on the base which looks better from certain angles, and the outlining on the armour looks a bit ethereal might knock it bach a bit with a Nuln wash.
    Probably 90% done now so only another week to go lol!

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    That is looking sweet, I love meat

    Very neat paint job. And the osl looks great. About the only tip I can give (which seemed to work for me) would be to slightly darken the *edges* of the osl effect; for example, on the ground where the orange glow fades, it can look like "just paint", but if you darken it slightly with a glaze, it'll look like the brighter orange is even brighter than the surrounding ground.

    Anyway, my $0.02. It looks great right now!

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    Thanks for the tip, I had a go and think it looks better now, I'm calling this paint job finished now on to Roboute!
    Link to the gallery -
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    Thanks! your advise was awesome, I scroll up now and think my spilled orange paint attempt looks shite! sometimes you need fresh eyes and honest oppinions.

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    Looks good! Obviously you don't need tips on distressed leather anymore, but my favorite way to do old, worn leather is to highlight with a bunch of scratchy lines, wash it with a dark color, and repeat ad nauseum. I saw Sorastro do it in his painting guide for Captain Terri and I think it's a really fun way to get a cool texture. Something to try in the future.
    I paint fantasy miniatures and post the pictures here.

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    Thanks, I'll give it a go, always looking to improve! No leather to be found on Roboute though, just gold trim ... lots of gold trim! coming together now though and saving the sword for last as a treat
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    Nice, a big flaming sword. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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    I left already a 10 for your "Despoiler". Cool stuff!!! Looking forward to see more :-)

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    Thanks a lot for the generous votes, you're too kind I tried to pull off a flaming sword that I ran out of skill on so had to carefully strip it with isopropyl alcohol and settled for a simpler flame design
    Finished though now and looking forward to Fabius Bile! perhaps get a chance to improve my leather work

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    Thanks a lot!
    I tried to get a multi layered look to Bile's skin coat, perhaps should have been a bit lighter. I had a go at speed painting the Acolyte, 4 hours from spru to finished, not award winning but definitely the fastest thing I've painted so far.

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    Some really nice work here! I really like the fluid filled effect you painted on Fabius's syringe gun and I think his jacket looks pretty good!

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    Cheers ekipage!

    Finished Biles upper bits and am going to leave him as he is, now have to wait for the Horticulus Slimux to arrive ... perhaps do some of the chores I've been neglecting

    Feel free to vote

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    Not much of a WIP, finished Horticulous without taking any pics

    Feel free to drop me a vote -

    This is the most fun I've had so far painting a model, think its the nurgle element, lots of blending. Tried the bicarb superglue basing technique which I think turned out ok.

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