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    Cheers guys!

    Think I'm done with Be'lakor now, not increased my love for finecast but was fun to do something a bit different
    Feel free to drop me a vote

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    Voted and comment left :-)

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    Love the lighting effect on this.

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    Absolutely lovely work throughout.

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    Thanks a lot for the comments!

    Been a bit busy in the covid infested run up to Chistmas but managed to squeeze in a few models ...

    Void Dragon

    Another Be'lakor in a Disco Tzeentch style, did my first serious bit of putty modelling on the small tree on the base and the glowing tile thingys (didn't do the skulls though) ...

    And currently working on a Guts model from the Beserk series, its a Christmas present for my brother who is a big fan.
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    Just voted for the DISCO guy. Awesome colour combo :-)

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    Love the disco demon! And the metals on berserk dude look great!

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    Nice work on the Be'lekor demons and the void dragon model. Guts looks like he is coming along quite nicely as well. I like the blue you have worked into the sword edges

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    Cheers guys!
    I got Guts finished in time for Christmas, my bro was well pleased .. at least to my face
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    I recently had a crack at wet blending, did these 3 guys using the technique and will likely do it a lot more in future.

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    I have a couple of gallery images up so feel free to drop me a vote, some ass gave me a 1 for the apothecary!! its a +2 all day!

    Thanks for looking!
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    Those look really nice. The marines are super clean. They look well defined and the details are easy to "follow".

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Much much much beautiful work here. Max win your crushing these last few with authority !!!

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    Wow, those marines look cool. The super smooth bluewhite armor, the flaming sword, the smooth cloak (love the colors), awesome!

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    Thanks a lot guys, I've made a concerted effort to finally finish Mortarion, almost finished the main body and some of the base decor ...
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    Great work man!
    That nurgling on the right end is too funny! What is he carrying? A bomb, a bullet?

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    Cheers guys!
    I think its a gas tank as there seems to be a pressure gauge at the back
    Squeezed in a quick Deathguardian before finishing Morts ...
    Name:  Biologus Final.jpg
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    I've put more effort than usual into Mortarion's base, experimenting with some different products.
    Name:  base prog.jpg
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    Pretty much finished the doomed Marine ...
    Name:  20210212_110844.jpg
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    Name:  20210212_131958.jpg
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    That camera angle makes Morty look freaking huge! Really nice work on this and loving that beat up UM.

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    Ha! I'm not sure it's the camera angle, he's massive!!
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    That's Morty done!

    I'd say it was like painting a squad of 30 regular marines! but more interesting
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