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    Nice collection of minis. And the new one in the making looks already fantastic.

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    Good looking stuff all the way around! I'm excited to see more of that Nurgle chap

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    The armour of Morty looks fantastic. Nice transitions. I’ve had my oldest airbrush for close to 15yrs and that thing still confuses me.

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    Cheers guys! yes bullfrog my new airbrush's secrets have secrets lol

    Bit more progress made ...

    Name:  20200912_225716.jpg
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    Oh, the next "big" guy within the pipeline. Looking forward to see this growing up :-)

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    Love the work you've done so far on this, looking forward to seeing some more!

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    Perfect for you max !!! As it’s been echoed already I too love those tr sit-ins on the Morty.

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    Cheers chaps, about 3/4 of the way through ...

    Name:  20200919_23013jmhjh0.jpg
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    Very nice base layers and first shadings. Now the fun starts detailing this out :-)

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    You really making justice to the sculpt here. Great work.

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    This is really coming along. I like the subtle and realistic shading on the armor. It really looks nice.

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    Extremely fine painting mate!!!

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    Thanks for the comments!!!
    Had to take a short break and shelved Mortarion for a few weeks to concentrate on some other stuff ...
    Did the dark Apostle and his cronies and made a start on Be'lakor ...
    Name:  20201015_210808.jpg
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    Name:  20201018_084826.jpg
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    Nicely done on both WIP's.
    I would like to point out, that your Be'lakor has very good OSL. Bottom --> Top - I like this!!!

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    Cheers Graishak!
    parked Be'lakor for a few days to do a quick commission of Roboute, still hating the amount of gold trim but pretty happy with the improvement over my first go at him.Name:  20201024_002641.jpg
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    Name:  20201024_002739.jpg
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    Last edited by maxwin; 10-24-2020 at 09:03 AM.

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    Excellent paint job. I find that when presented with that much trim work, breaking it up into different shades of metalics helps.

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    Whole lotta leveling up going on here. Lip smacking !!!

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