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    Nice work! I really like that purple and blue on the shell!

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    Voted + comment left for your snail. Nice work indeed!

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    Next up is the Tech Priest Manipulus as a practise run for Belisarius Cawl, done most of the block colouring and some detailing. Love the airbrush now for the early stages, saves loads of time.

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    The model is coming together nicely just a few more bits to tidy up and then get him based, I've order some of the Martian Ironearth technical paint to try out.

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    Looking good! These models have so many fiddly bits to paint, you are doing a stellar job!
    I love the text on his display, it looks fantastic!
    And the liquid in that spherical vial on his back is great. Just a suggestion, maybe bump the contrast at the liquid surface a bit?

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    Nice work max, very astute attn to detail. Beutiful ful neat clean job.

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    Cheers gorb, I've payed a bit of attention to the vial just waiting on the basing goop to finish him.

    You're too kind BaM

    While waiting on some new models I found this guy in an ebay bag of bits I have, stripped him down and gave him a fresh coat.

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    The martian ironearth finally arrived so got the base done, not sure if i should add a highlight though as it seems a bit dull.


    Also been working on 5 Necron Immortals and barely started an Illuminor Szeras

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    I'm jealous about your productivity!

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    Superb work mate! You could maybe drybrush the iron earth very lightly with a lighter color, just use a soft (makeup) brush to avoid lifting the chunks.
    Caveat: I haven't done this before, so maybe do a practice run first

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    I think GW says to drybrush Eldar Flesh on it, but you could probably use any kind of light orange or tan color to do it. I also believe GW did a video on using it so probably probably shows if you need to be gentle with it or not when drybrushing. Figure is looking really good!

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    Excellent work my man every single model is a visuallly stunning gift for god senses .
    i can give a 2 cent tip : anytime you lay down basework like Martian and other stuff and this includes grass tufts . Anytime you do as base with these effects you most def have to give highlights to it. Ussuaa as lily in the form of a lightly pressured dry brush . If an artist leaves it as such it’s fine for gaming and quick models . If you want to have the look of the finished piece stand out better than we have to highlight our basing as well.if we dint then it’s easily seen that we have a greatly painted model on a drab looking base.

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    Thanks for the tips guys I gave it a sepia wash and dry brushed Ushabti bone and screaming skull, looks much better though I didn't take a pic

    Productivity has taken a hit since starting back at work Szeras is coming along slowly, though some how I missed the mould lines on his legs and they are so awful I may strip them and repaint (

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    Ahhh, the lines, all I can see are giant mold lines now! Why did you have to point them out? Seriously really nice work on it regardless

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    This looks great man, nice color choice. You could try to scrape only the flats of the legs with the mold lines on them. Since this looks like a metallic with dark wash, it shouldn't be too hard to catch the bare surface back up?

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    Thanks for the tips!

    I decided to use some green stuff to cover the lines and roughed it up a bit too to give the metal a battered ancient look, think it turned out alright, few bits to finish but pretty much done

    Name:  Szeras WIP 3.jpg
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    nice work removing the mold lines! They look pretty cool with the scarred/battle damage look

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    Practising the NMM technique on Haarken Worldclaimer, look alright from some angles but a little way to go Name:  20200731_225610.jpg
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