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    Starting to look more convincing ... to me at least
    Name:  haarken wip4.jpg
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    Solid work there, you have some real skill with nmm. I am paying close attention

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    Thanks gorb, I will probably do a brief pictured description of the method I've evolved into.
    Hopefully get finished tonight ready for daemon Mortarion who will also be NMM, this was my practise run
    Name:  IMG_4662.JPG
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    NMM is looking sweet! What colors are you using? I think that is what I don't like about my attempts at it so far (not liking the colors I chose)

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    I really like the pike of this spear! Looks like an enchanted ancient weapon.

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    ekipage - Rhinox hide, averland sunset, white, yellow glaze (game ink), agrax eathshade, and a bit more white, in that order

    Graishak - thanks and I think it is an ancient enchanted weapon

    Didn't quite get finished, some of the gold looks a bit like yellow plastic so will try to improve that.Name:  haarken wip5.jpg
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    Agreed with you about the gold a little too yellow, but nmm isn't easy and you already did a great job.
    Maybe you can desaturate it with some light green glazes?

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    Thanks Dexter, your input has sent me on a mission, even using the colour wheel!!
    I've given him a couple of violet glazes and re-highlighted with Karak stone, looks much more goldy I will mess with it a bit more tonight but I feel the end is nigh!
    Name:  20200806_170658.jpg
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    Agree. Violet was indeed the right choice. Love the result.

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    Thanks a lot! I finally got around to taking some pics, Harken is up on the gallery

    Shalaxi is up next ...
    Name:  20200812_140008.jpg
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    Oh man, you got a heavy speed on pumping out nice minis :-)
    Voted for your "ancient spear" - looking forward to see how you will deal with Shalaxi!

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    Thanks Graishak, I'm trying to build up a decent portfolio as I only started in May, and as they say practise makes perfect
    Shalaxi has had some layers laid down, seems quite a simply model to paint ... for now!
    Name:  20200813_225809.jpg
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    Looking over the whole thread here, I like what I see. Nice work. Just starting into the 40k realm myself so I'll be following your progress, keep at it. I really like the colors on the Shalaxi model so far. A really cool model I hadn't seen before now.

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Thanks a lot, I've had a good look through yours too and seen some impressive stuff!
    Made a bit of progress with Shalaxi, experimenting with an iridescent-style effect on the stocking that may or may not make the final cut. Nice to have big eyes that require more than a dot
    Name:  20200814_223232.jpg
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    Making progress, trying out a crushed velvet effect on the gown thing, might ramp up the contrast a bit more.
    Name:  20200816_151303.jpg
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    Name:  20200817_194739.jpg
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    Oh you picked a big project -looking mighty fine at this mark buddy!!! I watch with angst!!!

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    I can feel him staring at me :-) Great job on his eyes!

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    Very well done! Love that crushed velvet look. You are certainly puhing the contrast, which I think is a signature look of velvet right? You could even bump the highlights a bit more, I don't think that'll hurt!

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