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    Assume situation that two units stands as in pic.
    Top unit can pivot and charge bottom unit without touching BOG with initial charge move (speed+1d6)

    But as we know pivoting, moving the attacker, aligning with the target, etc., are all part of the same move.
    And obivously after aligning charging unit will end on BOG.

    So should we apply -1 to move and hindering to charging unit in this situation even if unit dont touch BOG with initial charge move (speed +1d6)?

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    Once you've made contact with the defending unit it is a successful charge so if you can get there without touching the terrain and then align into it you do not need to apply the terrain's modifiers since it's already a successful charge. Although the people I play with have decided to play it as if the alignment takes you into the terrain you have to use it's effects still, we agreed it just made more sense to play it that way.

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    Above answer is correct, once you've made contact with the defending unit it is a successful charge, so you do not apply it afterwards.

    Came just to say that I agree that 1.5.1 rules are written in a way that cause trouble on understanding how this is meant to work.

    Afaik the "all parts of the move are same move" were placed into rule book due to certain other reason, e.g. (but not limited to) abilities that trigger on movement (basically Trappers). I think the current wording however does a disservice on making the Charge + Terrain situations harder to understand from rule book point of view, even though they make some other interactions clearer (that indeed, from all other points of view a whole maneuver is one single move combined of 'sub-movements').

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