Greetings my fellow Baratheon firiends

My first post on forum so please forgive me if i wrote something wrong. I'm quite a new to SOIAF but have 20+ years of wargaming.

Yesterday I play with this list:

Cortnay (C)

Rose Knights

Eldon Estermont
Tycho Nestoris

First time I played in SOIAF and end my deck (in turn 5!) and won that game (this was my 12 game nad 3rd victory)

Played agains Lanisters with annoying pesants*2 cavlary, mountainman with Baristan, stormcrows with attachment I dont remember. He also had 3 NCU commander (forgive me but dont remember his name) Varys and Tycho. We played scenario with dragoon egs.

Those 6 unit give me huge flexibility especialy with 1/3 deck on my hand in 2nd turn. Those countercharge, extra attacks afther enemy attack and afther death attacks allow me to hit one by one.

Lanister knights charged my sentinels, then countercharge from wardens on side and strike from refreshed 4 wounds sentinels finished them off. Then I charged on pesants and reduced 2 ranks. My opponent first attacked from swords with pesants and afther that with normal strike and useing token (extra 4 wounds) reducing my rose knights to 4. I'v roll on morale and fail kiling unit (3+1). That was on my left flank. In center my cutthroats took central egg and was fighting with Mountaimens with damned Baristan (with his skill he managed to stand in the center with taken egg) with support of Wardens on they flank. They where fighting for 4 rounds in the middle. Here Cortnay cards helped alot.

On my right flank two of my warden units where crushing slowly stormcrow and pesants takeing from stormcrows egg. Wardens fighting with pesants where leveled to only 4 man thanks to those kamikaze attacks.

Game ended with 10-8 score for me

Whole game was full of this.. Looking back I won only thanks to unblocked horse on politic board that allow my sentinels to go on position and charge on reducer pesants with egg.