Hi folks I am looking for the following miniatures:

1. A characterful rider for a Creature Caster Emperor dragon's howdah, the base size is only 20 mm square and there isn't much wiggle room for something that overlaps that. Human, inhuman, anything goes.

2020-06-29_04-25-52 by Jo Dale, on Flickr

2. I am also on the lookout for 3-5 shipmates to add to a sinking galleon that is being attacked by a dragon. Ideally ones that can look like they are either running away, jumping overboard or drowning! Happy to buy used or new. So if anyone has or has seen anything that would suit, please let me know. Human or inhuman, anything considered at this point. it's for this model, https://karolrudykart.com/image/galerie/oferta/382d.jpg